Performer Todd Allen Herendeen Opens Dinner Theater in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - Many know Todd Allen Herendeen from his performances at Gulf World Marine Park or his hit country song "My Name is America."

Now he is making another big move in his career and is opening up a dinner theater right at 8010 Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach.  

Herendeen is a man from small town Indiana with a big voice and an even bigger stage presence which has taken him across the country, performing at different venues and opening for big stars like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. 

"Certain people you can go 'oh well they are country singers, or oh they are rock and roll singers, or they are gospel.' I'm kind of a mix of all them," said Herendeen. 

His song "My Name is America" racked up more than a million views on YouTube. Now Herendeen is opening up a dinner theater.

"Our hope is that when we hit the stage, including the band, myself,and the audience, forgets about their problems," said Herendeen.

Him and his band of 8, including his own son, will put on a 90-minute show. 

"We feel like brothers. We will do anything for each other, we joke with each other, we cry with each other, we pray with each other," said Herendeen.

But this time he is putting the costumes aside.

"In this particular theater, particularly as I get older, it's time to formulate who is Todd?" said Herendeen.

For that answer you'll have to come see yourself.

Herendeen and his team have been working tirelessly for the past 6 months to finish up the theater. The big opening night is Saturday December 2nd. Tickets will be about $20 for the show and $30 if you choose to eat dinner. 

To buy tickets visit

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