Peach Creek residents started a petition to get county attention


PEACH CREEK Fla. (WMBB) — Walton County residents in the Peach Creek are concerned for their children’s safety after one child was almost hit by a large truck, so residents took action.

This Walton County neighborhood is near three industrial parks. Huge vehicles pass through the area and reportedly do not slow down.

Peach Creek residents concerns are heard

“We are dodging the big trucks, the concrete trucks as they drive by, so yes,” said Resident Vanessa Carpenter. “Definitely a concern.”

In the past, the county has addressed some of those safety concerns residents have had. They added an acceleration lane right in front of the entrance in their community, however, residents want to see more done.

Carpenter and her family enjoy their time outside when they are not needing to keep their eyes open for large industrial vehicles.

“I’m not sure but 40 trucks at least within a couple of hours,” said Carpenter.

Monica Douglas heard these concerns from all her neighbors and decided to reach out to the county for help.

“Since January, especially since I found out about some of the children who have had near misses with the trucks,” said Douglas.

After talking with county officials, Douglas said she has not received a straight answer on whether commissioners can add a sidewalk on their old ferry road, to the list of county projects.

“The only reason I’ve decided to now make a petition, to get everyone to sign is that there seems to be a lack of information on how to get this on the work program,” said Douglas.

So far about 75% of Peach Creek has signed the petition to get county commissioners’ attention.

“We have all these signatures that I want to present publicly next week at the meeting,” said Douglas. 

County officials tell me they will be addressing this resident concern at the next county commission meeting which is coming up on Tuesday.

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