A proposed resort on property located in Panama City Beach is one step closer to becoming a reality. The Panama City Beach planning board approved the developers application this afternoon, but many locals spoke out against the project.  

Many residents attended Monday afternoons’ planning board meeting where Premier Development Group submitted an application to the board for a resort project. The 13-acre resort features a hotel, condos, and cottages on the 13 thousand block of Front Beach Road by Bid-A-Wee Beach.

But the proposal was met with many concerns from Bid-A-Wee Beach community members. 

“Of any place on the Panama City Beach area to put a high density development like this, that intersection would be the last place we’d put it,” said a resident.  

Traffic is a huge concern for locals, especially on Middle Beach Road where four lanes turn into two, and the road turns into Front Beach Road.

“I think the impact of this traffic infrastructure cannot handle influx of this magnitude,” said a resident. 

“What my concern is, is the noise that is going to be driven by this large group of people that are going to be enjoying their recreation, their beers, or whatever else around the lagoon pool out there up until all hours of the night,” said a resident. 

“So I didn’t see anything on EPA, and that’s for that underground parking out there in the front. There is no way anybody is gonna tell them, ‘that’s not going to flood.'” 

Some residents say they appreciate the concept.

“I have to say I’m glad to see a high-end development come to Panama City Beach. We need it.”

“We’ve done what we had thought would enhance the area, the question is will it enhance the neighborhood around and then the question becomes where does it stop, we have control over our property and the property around us. Should it be enhanced all the way down? That would be great, but we can only do our part. And we are going to do our part, and we’ve proposed to do that at our cost,” said Premier Development Group CFO Jason Alley.

In the end,  developers adhered to the city’s codes, resulting in approval by the planning board. Now that the application is approved, the 250 million dollar project will have be taken to the Panama City Beach City council for final approval.