PCB City Council hears from citizens concerned about municipal elections


The Panama City Beach City Council met this evening to discuss proposed resolutions for the city and to hear from local citizens.

The City Council approved resolutions to purchase three new vehicles for the street and stormwater departments and approved the budget to replace parts of a busted sewer line.

Once the floor was opened to the public, citizens wanted answers as to why Panama City Beach did not have their own early voting site on the beach. There are only two mega voting sites in town for the municipal elections on April 16th and they expressed concern that the public was not aware of the single ballot measure, which if approved would dissolve the current civil service board and allow city staff to hire and promote individuals in an expedited manner.

Mayor of Panama City Beach, Mike Thomas said in defense of the ballot measure, "We voted to move towards taking away the civil service board and just leaving the grievance board so we could hire people quicker, and our department heads be in charge of doing that so when they have a shortage they could fill it."

Paul Casto, Panama City Beach Councilman for Ward 1 disagreed, "That board has worked fine for 50 years and I don't see that it's broken and I don't see any reason to change it." Casto said.

Voting results on whether to remove or keep the current civil service system will happen Tuesday, April 16th, along with other municipal elections. 

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