PCB City Council Awards $3.8 Million Contract for New City Hall

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - Over the last several years, Panama City Beach staff has made improving the city's infrastructure a top priority.

But now they're getting a major upgrade for themselves.

Tuesday night, the Beach City Council approved the contract for construction of a new multi-million dollar city hall.
Panama City Beach staff has been in the current city hall facility next to the visitor's center off Back Beach Road since 1979.

According to city staff, the building has a number of deficiencies.

"It's an old building, it's 50 years old with very little maintenance, other than just painting and facial things, we've got some problems with the building," Mayor Mike Thomas, said.

Instead of paying $2 million to renovate it, the council unanimously voted to have GAC contractors build a brand new facility.

The same contractors who built the new buildings for both the public works and police department.

"Both of them came in under budget, this one we decided to bid solid and it came in about what we thought. We were expecting about $3 million dollars," Mayor Thomas said.

Council members awarded the bid for $3,782,000, which will include the facility, the demolition of the current city hall and tag office -- and a new parking lot and park.

Mayor Thomas said the money for the project has been budgeted over time.

He said there will be no debt from the project, or any additional tax payer money needed.

"The other two buildings, the police department and the public works building -- and this building are all being paid for with cash," he said."  "As we save a little money we build something else, we clean up a little bit and look good."

Mayor Thomas said he believes the new city hall will be a reflection of the new image the city is working to uphold.

"The image we're changing to be a family friendly thing, we can show them we're serious, we're cleaning up, we're going to make a difference."

City Manager, Mario Gisbert, said the construction on the new facility should begin within the next six to eight months.

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