JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) –The president of Jackson County’s Partners for Pets has been rehired.

Jayme Dill was let go from that position just last week.

The Partners for Pets non-profit organization has rehired its president, Jayme Dill.

Dill had prior felony convictions that worried a former board member.

Judy Peterson reached out to the State of Florida Department of Agriculture.

“The reason why is to correct reporting errors to the State of Florida. As soon as the error was discovered, which was May the 12th of this year, we reported it to the state of Florida, Department of Agriculture, who based on that new information, began an investigation,” said Former Partners for Pets Board Member Judy Peterson.

Dill says she was never asked about her prior convictions when she accepted the job in 2018 and named president in 2019. She had been a volunteer for two years prior.

When the complaint was filed, the state investigated.

“They wrote a letter to the Department of Agriculture about my past. And approximately last Friday, Mr. Guy Roberts came out and served me with a warning stating that my job here was terminated,” said Partners for Pets President Jayme Dill.

Dill was terminated on Aug. 18.

The felony convictions on forgery charges happened nine years ago.

Her attorney advised her to re-apply as president and address her past convictions to the Department of Agriculture. They agreed to let her keep her position, but she is not allowed to handle any fundraising or money for the shelter.

“My current board of directors is very supportive, and they know about everything, but I’ve never felt the need to discuss my past. That’s not who I am. I mean, I’ve grown from it and I’m different now, and I don’t think that that should ever be held against anybody,” said Dill.

Partners for Pets is a no-kill shelter in Jackson County.  It’s been open since 1995.