Parker to hold workshop discussing mobile home ordinance


PARKER, Fla. — The debate over mobile homes continues in the City of Parker as they prepare to hold a workshop to discuss the issue on August 27th.

It all started earlier this year when the city received a complaint that a mobile home had taken up permanent residence on the lot of a demolished traditional ‘stick’ house. Since then, the city says there are around 70 residences in their area where this has also happened.

Now, the debate over permanent mobile homes has turned into a feud in Parker, and city council members are working on a plan to address it.

“I don’t want to see the land values go down,” said Gene Pline, a Parker resident. “I don’t want anyone living next to me in a house they had to take the wheels off of when they move in.”

This is a common complaint among Parker residents who say the mobile homes diminish their own property values they are working to build back up after the hurricane.

“If you own a piece of property, you can’t put your mobile home on it,” said Pline. “Build a house.”

Parker’s Mayor, Rich Musgrave, said he understands both sides of the argument.

“There are those who have significant investment in their properties, and they certainly don’t want to see anything that would detract from that,” said Musgrave. “At the same time, we have to be sensitive to those who need low-cost housing in order to stay within the city.”

The city will be discussing an ordinance addressing the issue in further detail at their workshop on Tuesday.

“My desire would be at the conclusion of our discussion, that we have reached a point where we have at least majority support for what the ordinance will be,” said Musgrave.

He said that at this point, the people living in mobile homes now would be grandfathered in regardless of any decision made. The city’s long-term goal is to keep traditional housing in residential areas, and limit mobile homes to mobile home parks.

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