Parker City Clerk resigns during heated council meeting


PARKER, Fla. — Parker City Clerk, Nancy Rowell, resigned on Friday after a heated discussion took place at a special meeting of the Parker City Council, regarding council members’ concerns of the former clerk.

“I have been harassed,” said Rowell. “There may be a lawsuit back at the city.”

According to some council members, city employees have complained that Rowell has harassed them. Councilman John Haney said an employee told him that Rowell has made it very difficult for him to continue to work in Parker.

“Your type of management is running around and screaming at people like the Tasmanian Devil,” said Councilman Ken Jones.

Rowell was supposed to carry out her remaining two months before retirement and train the incoming city clerk, but today that was all cut short, after a motion passed three to two to accept her immediate resignation.

Parker Mayor Richard Musgrave disagrees with the decision.

“It was abrupt, it was rash and it was a little bit foolhardy,” he said. “It adds some crutches along the way to all the critical issues we have to deal with as a city.”

Council members like Ken Jones say it’s about time.

“Her management style is not the management style that needs to be in that office,” he said. “When Ms. Rowell came here we had no city clerk to train her so it’s not like we need someone to train the new city clerk.”

Rowell said, in a statement:

“Parker’s form of government, one without a city manager, lends itself to political interference just in the simple daily operations. In a town that small, that interference can damage the morale of high performing employees and build protectionism for non-performing employees. My professionalism, ethical behavior, and high expectations of employee performance have obviously not been a good fit for the city.”

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