Parents camp out to enroll children in one Jackson County Preschool


Monday we told you about registration for a voluntary prekindergarten program and headstart at a Marianna pre-school.

Tuesday, we dug a little deeper into the story to find out why parents go as far as to camp out, to make sure their children get enrolled.

Officials said there are several daycares in the county that provide the state funded VPK program, but one school is favored by parents than any of the others for several reasons.

“The structure that we provide with it. The use of certified teachers, our marriage with the school system as being our overseer,” said Brian Tice, Early Childhood Center principal. “We have a lot of built in infrastructure that you don’t find other places. Transportation is provided.”

Because the Early Childhood Center is a part of the school district, it runs in conjunction with the other schools in the county. It also acts as a fully functioning school.

“We have certain times that are set aside for reading, math, certain times for science and the limited amount of social studies we do with them as well,” Tice said. “But we have all of those things broken out and their split out and taught in the class at designated times.”

Tice said getting your students used to the structure of a school setting, early, will be noticed when they get older.

“Many kindergarten teachers will tell you, if a child’s been through a VPK program like this, if they say line up, those kids immediately line up,” siad Tice.

Parents planning to enroll their children agree that the Early Childhood Center VPK program is the best to prepare them for what is to come in a regular elementary school.

“You need to know how to write your name. To count to 20, 30, 40,” said Jordan Moore, parent. “So the curriculum that they pick for ECC is wonderful. They make sure that your children know everything they need to know before starting kindergarten.”

Registration for the Early Childhood Center VPK and Headstart programs will take place Monday, April 8 through Wednesday April 10 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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