Parent Questions School District’s Security Process


A student’s legal guardian is demanding answers from school district officials in the Panhandle. The guardian was allegedly allowed to enter a Walton County School without having to prove who she was.
“Every parent in (the) Walton County school system deserves to know that their kids are not safe,” warned Jessica Lloyd, Legal Guardian.

“Moms Day at School” is supposed to be a fun enjoyable day, for both the student and the parents but, for Jessica Lloyd, it was quite the opposite.

“The whole time I was stressed out about how they just let anybody and everybody just walk in. All you got to know is the kid’s name and what grade,” said Lloyd. 

One of Lloyd’s children has legal restrictions on who can and can not visit. About two weeks ago, when she arrived for “Moms Day” at Maude Saunders Elementary, she was shocked at what she says is a  lack of security. 

“I entered and gave them my ID, it was face down and the lady slides it back and said she didn’t need to see it just to go inside,” explained Lloyd.

That was red flag number one and her concern didn’t end there. 

“There is a court order that says he is not allowed to be around certain people. And the school is aware of this. They have a copy of this court order,” said Lloyd. 

But, that’s not Lloyd’s only worry. Lloyd claims that the school doors were unlocked, allowing easy access to just anybody. “They do not know if I am allowed to have to that child but, they just gave it to me and I could have taken him out of the side door.”

We spoke with the Walton County School District, who told us, “When we have a large crowd, it’s hard for us to check every person through that process of raptor,” said Charlie Morse, Walton County School District Safety Specialist.

Raptor, is the process where the administrators run a drivers license check on the person as they attempt to enter the building but according to Llyod, this process didn’t take place while she was there. 

“In this case, they did recognize her and as people came through that they did not recognize, they were running them through the raptor check,” Morse. “We just need to go a step further. So, that’s what we are going to move forward with.”

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