Panhandle Strong Benefit Concert Attracts Country Music Superstars


It’s going to be a long road to recovery for the panhandle…Hurricane michael caused enough damage for a lifetime. The good news is, everyone wants to help including some pretty famous people from Nashville.

“It’s the headliners of Gulf Coast Jam over the years, plus headliners we’ve never been able to get,” explained Rendy Lovelady the Executive Producer of Gulf Coast Jam.

The Panhandle Strong benefit concert has a new date of Jan. 19, 2019.  “When you see the devestation it moves you. You can’t help but be absolutely- I mean the first time I saw it I cried,” said Lovelady.

The benefit concert, will be free and open to the public sais Lovelady. “Everybody who’s here is broke right now because they’re building their homes.So you can’t do a $150 ticket and sell 30,000 tickets thats not gonna happen for locals. So the concert’s basically designed to raise money not through tickets sales”

The number of people admitted will be limited, and whether or not you get a ticket will be based on luck. “We’re gonna have to set up a lottery system to get tickets because it’s free. You can’t just open it up to thousands of people,” said Lovelady.

To support the panhandle, money will be raised through nationwide donations via text message. Country Music Television is partnering with Panhandle Strong to promote the fundraising event. 

Rendy Lovelady was also a victim to the hurricane and lost his condo on the beach. He felt the need to give back to the community. “We wanted to do something big, we wanted it to be impactful. I mean personally with my faith I wanted to say God hasn’t forgotten you man.”

The benefit concert will be held in the evening at Aaron Bessant Park on Panama City Beach, and 100% of the proceeds will go to hurricane relief efforts.

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