Stores feel better prepared to handle another supply shortage if it happens

Panama City

PANAMA CITY Fla. (WMBB) — When the world shut down in March due to COVID-19, it generated panic causing many to rush to the stores.

In a short time, many household essentials were sold out. Now the question, could it happen again?

Residents like Travis McDonald said there are some basics that everyone rushes to buy.  

“I would buy canned food,” McDonald said. “Basically all the essentials, soap, hand sanitizers.”

For months stores were sold out of those everyday items that everyone needs such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper products and non-perishable foods.

Now as COVID-19 cases continue to rise around the country there is talk of another shortage. Thomas Wester, the Director of Operations at the Piggly Wiggly Food for Less in Panama City, said after the first shortage the store has made some changes in the case it should happen again.

“Its a possibility, but we have actually spent the last four months preparing for it,” Wester said. 

Wester said they feel more equipped to handle a shortage than ever.

Over the last few months the store has made good partnerships with suppliers up north and are no longer concerned about getting in shipments.

Wester said if it does come down to another shutdown there is no need for his customers to panic.

“We are ready,” Wester said. “We’ve got stock in our back rooms, we’ve got stock on our shelves in all of our stores and we will be ready to serve our customers.” >

Wester said the store’s back rooms are piled high with items like toilet paper and lysol, so he feels like they are in good shape.

So for those who do feel it is necessary to stock up on those items just in case, they have what you need.

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