PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Another Panama City building is back in business, The Panama City Police Department. Are in full operations and now back into their building on 15th street.

After months of displacement in trailers and movable buildings, the police department staff are very happy to be moving back into their original building at last. For several

months after the hurricane, the police department relocated services from 25,000 square feet into 6,000 feet of portable space.

Chief of Police, Scott Ervin said he is happy to get decompressed.

Like i said it’s good to be back in, were still anxious because hurricane season started again and we know the building got compromised before, so obviously we’ll be a little leery if we get another storm. said Ervin.

Next for their staff will be minor changes around the station, but Chief Ervin said they are back and ready to be back at 100 percent operation