Panama City officials say 5G potential is ‘exciting’ for the city


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Panama City officials say 5G technology is still on the way for Panama City.

Assistant City Manager, Jared Jones, said that while the timeline is still unknown for the rollout of 5G service in the area, Panama City is currently still one of the five cities to first receive this technology from Verizon.

The 5G service will allow for faster networks in the area, which Jones says is promising from a business perspective.

“There are a lot of companies that could see this as a very attractive piece of infrastructure that we’re like a first mover in the marketplace for having 5G here,” he said on Monday. “That could make it much more attractive for them to relocate to Panama City and offer jobs and manufacture things or provide services.”

When News 13 last spoke to Verizon executives, they said “we wanted to improve our network and also we wanted to bring 5G to the community cause we wanted to bring people back to the community.” Click here for that previous article.

News 13 reached out to Verizon on Monday for more information on their timeline for the service rollout in the area; they have not yet responded.

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