PANAMA CITY, Fla.- Panama City officials and Superintendent Bill Husfelt are back from Washington D.C.after their recent trip aimed at speeding up disaster relief funding. 

They said it was necessary in order to put Panama City back on the minds of lawmakers in Congress. 
“They need to set aside whatever their differences are politically and realize that our people are suffering and that our people need help and that we do not need to be a pawn for the other issues that they don’t get along on,” said Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki. 
We’re almost 7 months post-hurricane Michael and still waiting on disaster relief funding from Congress. Mayor Greg Brudnicki, City Manager Mark McQueen, and Superintendent Bill Husfelt are tired of waiting and are now taking action. The three traveled to Washington to get answers, and they did. 

Husfelt said he thinks some sort of relief will be here in the next few weeks. “There’s need to be a funding bill on this and it needs to be done quicker than later. So we got the impression that in the next two weeks, something serious is going to be done,” said Bay District Superintendent, Bill Husfelt. 

Mark McQueen questioned infrastructure and met with HUD to discuss the future of housing. He said housing will be rebuilt but will take time. 
“It was a pretty serious commitment that they’re going to be doing a lot to help us. I think that having President Trump coming next week is maybe an indicator of good things to come along,” said McQueen. 
Another big concern for Bay County is the future of Tyndall air force base. “We were very encouraged about everything that we heard about Tyndall Air Force base and there’s no reason to believe that they’re not going to fund it, it’s just a question of timing,” said Brudnicki. 

All three said they made headway in Washington D.C. and that we are not forgotten. They will continue to push for funding from Congress until it finally arrives.