Panama City Mayoral Race: A Look at the Candidates


Panama City residents will soon vote on whom the next leader of their city will be.
In the running, Democrats Greg Brudnicki and Lynne Schneider along with Republican Mike Rohan.

All three candidates agree recovery is a top priority.

Rohan says he wants to improve the city from the inside out.

If we’re going to make Panama City better, bring more people down here, bring more businesses down here, bring more things for people to do, we need the infrastructure. So we need to really use this opportunity now to rebuild the infrastructure said Mayoral Candidate Mike Rohan.

Schneider says one of her goals is focused on the future and creating a place people will want to stay.​​​​​ I would really like to see us reach out to the hi-tech industries, get some higher paying jobs here and get some jobs that our young people will want to have and keep our young people here.
Current Mayor Brudnicki says his next step if re-elected is further protection of the city. We want to harden the city. We want to make sure that our assets are better protected so that the next time that we have a storm if we have another one, that we’ll be better prepared.

Early voting for all elections in Bay County takes place April 8–April 12 and the Super Tuesday Election will take place on April 16, 2019.

To see where your voting location will be, click here

The deadline to register to vote has passed. 

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