PANAMA CITY, Fla. ― Panama City collected public input to better craft a plan going forward in Hurricane Michael recovery as concerned residents and different organizations gathered at Gulf Coast State College for Panama City’s first long term recovery town hall meeting.

The meeting primarily focused on community recovery, allowed locals to share their ideas, and get involved in the recovery process post-storm.

Panama City officials and residents said the town hall was invaluable in getting everyone’s different ideas.

“The more people that show up, the more creativity, the more chance that we have that we don’t miss the mark. That we can get something down there that maybe someone else hasn’t thought of. Fresh set of eyes, fresh set of ideas, getting everyone involved, so we don’t miss that,” emphasized Greg Brudnicki, Panama City mayor.

“The interactive style allows for lots of differing opinions. Doesn’t necessarily mean everyone’s is going to work, but rather than just a few making the decision for the whole, everybody at least gets a chance to say ‘hey I had a mark on the future of Panama City,'” said Robbie Hughes, Panama City resident.

The event kicked off the city’s planning stage which will wrap up on June 22th.

For a list of future long term recovery planning events click here and more information can be found here.