PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — It has now been uncovered that the city of Panama City played a role in the investigation that put several Lynn Haven residents and former officials behind bars.

News 13 spoke with Mayor Greg Brudnicki who confirms that they too did work with Erosion Control Specialists and GreenLeaf Lawn Care, the two businesses that are accused of fraudulently billing about $5 million dollars from the City of Lynn Haven while assisting with Hurricane Michael recovery.

Mayor Brudnicki said that the Bay County Sheriff’s Office came to Panama City officials several months ago, showing concern for the work done for the city by the two businesses. While no subpoenas were issued, Mayor Brudnicki says they handed over all documentation regarding their work with the two businesses so they could assist with the investigation in Lynn Haven.

Panama City had a contract with GreenLeaf Lawncare from April 2017 to December 2018 for pesticide control that ran about $15,000.

The city also had a contract with Erosion Control Specialists in July of 2018 when they tore down the African American Cultural Center. Mayor Brudnicki says that project also cost about $15,000.

He says the city is not conducting their own investigation into the two businesses at this time.