BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Panama City Community Redevelopment Agency hosted a free small business workshop for those who want to learn the ins and outs of owning their own business.

This is the second workshop they’ve held.

The Panama City CRA is collaborating with the Florida Small Business Development Center to hold these workshops.

They teach residents how to start their own businesses and be successful.

“They are learning all the tools, the information they need such as licensing, location, advertising, things like that in order for them to start up their new business,” CRA Director of Community Development Michael Johnson said.

During Wednesday’s workshop, they taught residents how to make a business plan and obtain a license.

They also talked about the importance of location and advertising.

They hope these workshops motivate people to fill the empty buildings around town.

“There are a number of empty buildings throughout Panama City, throughout Bay County. So there’s certainly an opportunity for new businesses to come and that’s what we are trying to incentivize, that’s what we are trying to accomplish,” Johnson said.

Johnson said they could always use more small businesses in the area.

“It makes a huge impact on our community,” Johnson said.”It keeps our dollars local, cause sometimes our citizens would like to cater to small businesses, mom and pop organizations, things like that. So it certainly helps our community greatly.”

So far, they’ve seen a lot of interest from the community at their workshops.

Johnson says they are hoping to hold workshops each quarter.