Panama City commission rejects education consultant proposal


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — After trying to hire an education consultant to help make schools in Panama City better, city officials now say they are moving in a different direction.

Commissioners unanimously rejected the one and only proposal they received for the job on Monday night.

The original intent to hire a consultant was to work within Panama City schools to determine how to best move forward with improving the quality of those schools.

In the initial request for proposals, the city reserved the right to reject them if they did not get at least three, and they followed through with that rejection on Monday night.

Commissioner Jenna Haligas said that they are still aggressively pursuing how they can partner with Bay District Schools, however, this proposal was not what the city is looking for right now.

City officials also said they are looking at other opportunities to partner with the school district to benefit the schools in the city.

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