PCB flooding causes thousands of dollars of damage for residents

Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — After heavy rainfall and flash flooding due to Tropical Storm Marco, several Panama City Beach residents are surveying the damage to their homes.

For residents like Bryce Moran, that damage equates to thousands of dollars in losses. 

“I lost all my carpet,” Moran said on Tuesday. “My wife and I had just put it in almost two months ago.”

He’s one of several residents living in The Glades, dealing with the aftermath.

“We’ve had at least five houses that actually had floodwaters inside the house,” said The Glades Owners Association President, Tom Trossen.

Resident Brett Dunning is another flooding victim; his home completely flooded with inches of water. He blames it on a lack of drainage maintenance.

“The city and Mr. Roberts have not taken care of the waterways to prevent obstructions and keep water flowing properly,” Dunning said. 

Local contractor, George Roberts of Roberts and Roberts, Inc., owns the former golf course behind the subdivision. He said that without the drainage system he put in place, the area would have flooded even more with that much rain.

“I’ve owned this now for almost five years and it’s the most that I’ve seen,” Roberts said. “It’s more than what any drainage system could handle.”

Panama City Beach city officials agree.

“It’d be like filling up your bathtub and hoping it drains out,” said PCB Public Works Director, Kelly Jenkins. “It just happened so quickly, our system couldn’t handle it.”

However, residents said the city has known about these issues for years and have failed to act on projects like clearing the pipe culverts in the neighborhood. 

“We’re disappointed in the city’s lack of response in getting that project taken care of,” said Trossen.

City officials said they’ve spent more time, money and effort in The Glades than any other subdivision within the city to alleviate flooding issues.

“If we hadn’t put those improvements into play, it would have been really bad for them,” Jenkins said. “Some of the houses are below the road and as much as we try to help them you just only have so much elevation to work with.”

Roberts said he’s trying to do more, like build a new pipe drainage system.

“We think that we’ll be able to fix and correct some of the flooding soon,” Roberts said. “All that we’re lacking is a Corps permit and we should be getting that any day.”

Jenkins said there are more projects in the pipeline to help as well. In the meantime, residents hope it doesn’t rain like that again any time soon.

“We’re just at their mercy and the mercy of God as far as the rain and everything,” Moran said.

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