Panama City Beach lab tests communicator masks finds them safe and effective

Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB)– Communicator masks, or masks with plastic coverings to show lips, have been a solution for those in the community who are hard of hearing as they allow an access point of communication that deaf individuals would not have with normal masks.

While the masks serve a social purpose, ATOR labs in Panama City Beach initially had concerns if the masks would pose health risks and create an increased risk for Co2 exposure, since the plastic covering is not as permeable as regular cloth, which would allow for more toxins to remain trapped.

The team put the communicator masks to the test on their automated-breathing metabolic simulator; it was invented by ATOR Labs Founder, David Cowgill and built by his team. It breathes just like a human would, consuming oxygen and exhaling CO2 and moisture.

“The masks performed really well it had about a 1.1% Co2 level throughout the course of our tests, the limit for inhaled Co2 toxins is typically 1.5% and so it seems to be by our estimations safe to breathe in,” said Seiggy Bennicoffyundt, Director of Quality Assurances at Ator Labs.

The team considers the masks to be safe and effective and encourages more individuals to wear them in order to help those in our community who may face challenges with hearing.

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