Beaches open means more business and customers, but also an increase in trash

Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — With beaches back open, that means local businesses are almost back to normal, serving beachgoers and making revenue. But on the other hand- open beaches may mean more trash left behind.

I spoke with Keep Panama City Beach Beautiful staff who say trash pickup is especially bad on Monday mornings after vacationers leave from the weekends.

But with an influx of people on the beaches, that also means a booming time for businesses serving customers.

“It’s gotten a lot busier, the last couple weeks. Especially because we have a full menu out right now so a lot of people are hearing about that,” said Bartender and Server, Cody Weaver.

Local vacationers believe it is important for things to return to normal.

“With the restaurants open, it’s very difficult because you wanna eat and you wanna socialize but then their restrictions are what they are. So you know you kind of try to be responsible, and have a good time at the same time,” said Tourist, Rodney Claxton.

“I think it’s pretty important because the longer they’re closed, the more difficult this economy will be to open. People won’t be able to do what they’re trying to do,” said Tourist Chris Swain.

Everyone is trying to do their part to keep the beaches clean in the process.

“We do have the world’s most beautiful beaches, we just want Panama City Beach. We want to have the cleanest beaches too. That’s important. You need to pick up your trash when you leave,” said President of Keep PCB Beautiful, Joanne Weatherford.

 “I’ve noticed them taking the garbage out a lot on the beaches, so people need to step up and not just social distancing but keeping it clean for everybody else,” said Claxton.

 But some people say they haven’t noticed a huge difference.

 “They seem pretty clean to us, when we got out here, so I would say cleaner than I would’ve expected,” said Swain.

 “I haven’t been here in a long time, and it’s really pretty awesome compared to what I remember you know several years back,” said Claxton.

“I think that they should still clean up your mess and stuff, but when I came down here the other day it was really pretty because it’s been closed for a while.” said Tourist Gabbie Causey.

Businesses near the beach are still operating at 25% capacity. There is no word yet on when Governor Desantis will move on to Phase Two.

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