Panama City Beach Ward 3 Candidate Forum


Panama City Beach ward 3 candidates were on hand at Panama City Beach to speak to voters and answer any questions they might have. 

Shaking hands, conversations, and questions were not lacking at Thursday night’s Panama City Beach ward 3 forum. 

During the session, each candidate got the chance to answer a variety of questions. 

One big topic, the tougher Spring Break ordinances. 

Some agree with the changes. 

“What they did was effective and it gave us the beach we have right now that families can go out there,” said Geoff McConnell.

“I think things are picking up and moving in the right direction, been out interviewing some of the students that are here, they’re here and they are having a good time but they seem to be behaving,” said Skip Stoltz. 

While others say they would like to see changes. 

“I think we went a little extreme on some of the ordinances, I believe that we could compromise on a few of the ordinances that we just went a little too far,” said Colleen Swab. 

“There are things that we can fix but lets punish bad behavior rather than bad objects,” said Burnie Thompson. 

Another question, do you agree with the direction Panama City Beach is going. 

This time, most everyone seemed to be on the same page. 

“The economy is doing well, I think were moving in a great forward position and we just need to maintain that and maintain our safety,” said Stoltz.

“We have our issues, we have our problems, but for the most part I think we are doing a great thing,” said McConnell. 

I believe we are heading in a very good direction, I know that home owners are buying,” said Swab. 

“I’m very optimistic about the bright future of Panama City Beach as long as the government treats everybody fairly and as long as we can keep the peace,” said Thompson. 

The candidates will face off again next week in a debate. 

The upcoming debate is this Tuesday at 6p.m. at the Edgewater Resort Conference Center. 

The event is sponsored by Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce and will be moderated by News 13’s News Director Tom Lewis. 

We will also be live streaming throughout the night on our WMBB News 13 Facebook  page. 

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