Panama City Beach mandates trash collection services


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — Months after the city council signed a mandate for mandatory trash pick-up, they are now following through. 

There are currently 6,700 homes in Panama City Beach and 1,700 of those homes do not use a trash service company. 

The office of the mayor sent out a letter on Thursday to all residents who are not in compliance with the Panama City Beach City Hall trash records. 

The letter says that if they do not sign up for a trash service company, they will receive a fine. 
If residents who received the letter already have a trash service, they need to tell the city. 

 Panama City Beach Mayor Mike Thomas is looking forward to seeing how this will affect the community.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what it does, and hopefully it will clean up the city real nice and the county will do the same thing on the beach East and West,” said Thomas. 

There is a list of trash companies to use in the letter, including Nate’s Sanitation Center. President Larry Hardee hopes that this mandate will positively affect Panama City Beach. 

“It should allow us to have a cleaner area within the city limits of Panama City Beach by forcing people to have garbage pickup,” said Larry. 

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