Panama City Beach Firefighter Carries Family's Groceries

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - A couple weeks ago, a malfunctioning elevator brought Panama City Beach Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Justin Busch and his crew to the Palazzo Condominiums in Panama City Beach.

"There was a couple of folks stuck in the elevators," said Busch. "So we had to shut down the power and tie up some of the elevators for a while."

It's at the same time, he saw a family of four with a full cart of groceries about to detour up the stairwell.

"I have two kids of my own so I know how chaotic it can be," said Busch.

Without hesitating, Busch offered to help carry the groceries up 12 floors from the parking garage. 

"The wife was leading the way, I was just along for the ride, kind of being the mule, carrying the groceries."

Busch said it was no big deal, but the simple gesture meant everything to this family.  Amanda Folliard wrote on the agency's Facebook page: "It was a prime example of someone going above and beyond, and he was so polite and respectful." Folliard continued to say had Busch not intervened, their perishable groceries would've spoiled.

"It's all about perspective," said Busch. "To most of us, it's just about doing the right thing, in that instance, it was the right thing."

Busch also said "I think as a man, as a boy, you just want to make your momma proud."


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