WALTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — A recent TikTok challenge on social media has made its way to Walton, and more than a dozen students are now in trouble for vandalizing school property.

The challenge is known as, “The most devious lick“. It encourages students in middle and high school to vandalize their schools, especially in the bathrooms. Walton County School Superintendent Russell Hughes said 14 students out of his 20 schools have been suspended due to stolen and damaged property.

Hughes is sending out a warning to students. If they are thinking about stealing or destroying school property, expect to pay the consequences.

“We talk about family we talk about the culture here,” said Hughes. “And I am saying to those students if you take this challenge, be ready for the consequences. And I am saying to parents if your child accepts this student and your hearing this and you do not share with them, or you are unaware and oblivious to what children are doing on social media. I am telling you we are going to be strong on this. No exceptions.”

If the damages are serious enough, the charges could be a felony.

“We can’t have cameras in the bathroom but we do have cameras all over our campus, so we have ways of how to find out who is going into the bathroom when and how long they stay there,” he said. “And the great thing about our students is we have students reporting others. Not snitching, they are taking care of their environment.”

Superintendent Hughes said if you want to do the challenge be prepared for the consequences, he and his staff are serious.