More than 90 dogs rescued from a home in Holmes County


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — An animal rescue operation in Holmes County took place Wednesday evening as more than 90 dogs were found living in what authorities are calling deplorable conditions. The owners are now behind bars.

In Holmes County two residents that live off Peak Road, 55-year-old Ferrell Godfrey and 60-year-old Marianne Godfrey were arrested Wednesday evening on felony animal cruelty charges.

The incident started with a neighbor reporting her stolen dog. When deputies arrived, she led them to a home close by where they found dozens of animals.

Holmes County Sheriff John Tate, said he knew there was an immediate need to help these animals.

“We determined the dogs weren’t being taken care of like they should. Therefore arrest warrants were issued for the two individuals at the residence for felony animal neglect,” said Tate.

With cages covered in feces and algae ridden water, authorities say the animals were facing serious neglect. There were nearly 100 dogs found on the property.

“It was somewhere in excess of 90 dogs, that are going to have to be removed,” said Tate.

The dogs were found in various conditions in and around the property. Several were chained to trees or in cages and many undernourished. Many with broken and untreated legs and laying in feces. Most were full grown dogs with only a few puppies.

They are being removed and cared for by the Alaqua Animal Refuge out of Walton County.

“They’ll make sure the dogs are seen by vets, that their shots are up to date and determine if some of them need to be euthanized or if some of them can be brought back to health,” said Tate.

Some will be placed for adoption.

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