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Open For Biz

It’s time for another segment of Open For Biz sponsored by GED lawyers.

This week, Chris Marchand focused on Aaron Rich Marketing.

As it did with many businesses in downtown Panama City, Hurricane Michael did a fair amount of damage to the offices of Aaron Rich Marketing.

Aaron Rich Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing & creative design agency based right here in Panama City. Aaron said they take immense pride in help clients build on their brands and connect with their customers.

The storm did set them back a little bit, but after a little renovation, they managed to restore the building back to close to what it was before.

Aaron said, “After the storm we have lost part of our roof we have recently renovated the building lost part of the roof the ceiling had collapsed we had water throughout had to tear out a bunch of walls it was a struggle to get things back open but after a bunch of effort and we were able to get it renovated back to what it was before the storm to what you see today.”

But Aaron’s building doesn’t just house his own company. He knew of a couple of other businesses that were displaced and those businesses are currently calling the Aaron Rich building home until their offices are repaired.

“One of my good friends is Bryan Taylor from United Way. We were happy to have his group. We also have an architect that’s a friend of mine as well that’s in with us. Taking in whoever we can at the time it’s what we gotta do,” Rich said.

If you are in one of the counties affected by Michael and you are getting a business back up and running or have plans to open in the future. Please let us know.

Is your business open following Hurricane Michael? Have a projected opening date after your renovations and cleanup? Fill out the form below to list your business “Open for Biz” here in the Panhandle. The service is FREE to all businesses!

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