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Since October 10th of last year, the panhandle was changed forever.

But now, there is a new norm. Part of that norm is just idle curiosity of what businesses may re-open and what is closed forever.

Whether you have driven around Panama City, Mexico Beach, Callaway. Marianna, Blountstown or places in between you have probably asked yourself. “I wonder if they are going to re-open. I wonder whats going to happen to that business.”

That’s where we come in.

If you have driven thru the intersection of Hwy 77 and 23rd street you may have noticed the Hancock Whitney Bank building took quite a bit of damage.

Now the structure is down to one floor, but that one floor is an ideal place to begin construction of a brand new facility.

City President of Hancock Bank Ben Lee said, “we are very lucky to be on that corner and a lot of people are inquiring are we rebuilding and i am so happy to say the answer is yes and we are looking forward to redesigning a very modern building on that corner to continue to meet the needs of our community and our customers and our associates.”

Lee also said they are hoping to be in the new facility by mid 2020. So until then the bank is still fully functioning at that location thanks to a couple trailers brought in by Hancock Bank two days after the storm hit.

If you are in Bay, Gulf, Calhoun, Jackson, Washington or Liberty County and you had a business affected by Hurricane Michael and are planning on reopening in the future. Please let us know so we can help you get the word out. Just send an email to

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