News 13 told you about a Mexico Beach couple still waiting to get into their FEMA trailer a month after it was delivered. 

That couple is now comfortably living in their new temporary home. The couple lost their entire home in the storm and sewage utilities are still out on their side of town. They lived in their car, a tent, and a donated camper without running water or electricity for almost four months. 

A FEMA trailer arrived on their land in late December, but because of FEMA’s rule against tenants moving into trailers without all utilities hooked up, they weren’t allowed to move in. They’re happy a temporary sewage tank was hooked up last week.

“Now I can get into a shower and take a shower, and I won’t complain about anything here. This is fantastic,” Jacques Sebastiao said.

“For other people who’s in the same situation as us, don’t lose hope and don’t lose the faith and their day will come too,” Bela Sebastiao said. They plan to rebuild a new house on their land.