One injured in shooting at Reminisce Night Club


A shooting at a Panama City night club sends one person to the hospital. 

Police say several altercations led to the shots fired. Around 11 pm Saturday, Panama City Police responded to reports of a shooting at the Reminisce nightclub on 15th Street. 
The nightclub was packed full of people and quickly evacuated after those inside heard what sounded like gunshots. 

“I was there and I heard pop, pop. So me and 300 people were running through the kitchen so I just followed them,” said a witness. 

Other witnesses say it was terrifying trying to escape the club. “We heard two pops so everybody started running and everybody took off through the back and all the doors in the back. Once we got out, we started looking for everyone like what happened,” said another witness who was in the club at the time of the incident.

Upon arrival, police found 18 year-old Dorian Mendoza from Georgia with a head wound. That wound later confirmed as a gunshot wound. 

A bullet had grazed Mendoza’s head but doctors declaring the injury as non- life threatening. Witnesses say they didn’t know what was going on. 

“I didn’t even ask what happened until I learned out in the parking lot,” said a witness.

After investigating the scene further, authorities say there was a physical altercation inside the club followed by a gun shot. Evidence confirms at least one shot was fired. 

Reports say there were several altercations in the parking lot and police believe someone also set off fireworks in the parking lot.

Authorities say it is unknown at this time if the incidents involving the gunshots and the fireworks were connected. 

Currently, there are no suspects in custody regarding this incident. 

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