Okaloosa County Commissioners Helping to Cut Costs at Community Garden


It’s springtime and what better way to celebrate the slightly warmer temperatures than by improving a local community garden.  

Okaloosa County Commissioner, Trey Goodwin, asked the public works department to help a local community garden.

He asked if they could switch from expensive potable water to non-potable water to cut costs– and two weeks later, the job is finished. 

The community volunteers who help run the garden have to pay for the water costs out of pocket, which was a financial strain for them. 

Commissioner Goodwin brought the issue to the board and asked the board to work on this project. 

The commissioners said yes, and the public works division was able to install a new watering system for the community garden.

“I think its good for the community to help itself out. And just like any other department, the public works department is a part of the community. The people who work in public works are the people who live in Sylvania heights and any other community, so it’s always nice when we can give back,” said Jason Autrey, Public Works Director.

Non-potable water is still safe for growing fruits and vegetables but is less expensive. 

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