Officials Hope to Expand a Panhandle Airport


It’s been a dream for officials in DeFuniak Springs to grow their town and business and now, might be their chance. The DeFuniak Springs Municipal Airport is hoping to expand, but a few things must happen first. 

On the outskirts of the town, a small, quaint municipal airport sits but, don’t be fooled by the looks. Dozens of aircraft fly in and out of the airport on a daily basis. DeFuniak Springs Mayor says, with the boom in air traffic to the air, it’s time to expand to bring in new business.

They need to extend the runway so that larger aircraft can safely land and take off, but they’ve hit a roadblock. Due to a public park, that’s adjacent to the airport, they cannot expand. So, officials are working on getting the park moved to a different location.

“It’s kind of showstopper for some funding that we are trying and needing to get because of its an intrusion and really its virtual airspace. We are working now without school board and the county to see if we can move that park,” said Mayor Bob Campbell.

Mayor Campbell has been going to each entity hoping to gain their support to move the Gene Hurley Park. Most recently, the Walton County Commissioners gave him a letter of support.

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