Office of Sen. Marco Rubio Opens Recovery Assistance Center at Bay High School


If you’ve been denied by FEMA there’s people ready to help. 

The Office of Senator Marco Rubio opened a Recovery Assistance Center at Bay High School Thursday. 

“It’s much easier to get these resolved if you can sit across the table from someone, and talk to them person to person,” said Deputy Chief of Staff State Director for the Office of Senator Marco Rubio Todd Reid. 

Representatives from insurance companies, FEMA, Small Business Association and dozens more are on hand to answer questions and file applications and claims.

“I think when the FEMA representative came to the house it feels like things were moving along pretty good but you understand there is a lot of work to be done there and you try to be patient. I  think we’ve all learned patience,” said Panama City resident Rick Vossen. 

Vossen was denied by FEMA, and like many, is trying to get some answers. 

“We want to try to get these things resolved and get folks the money they need to get back on their feet and rebuild,” said Reid.

The deadline to register for FEMA disaster assistance is December 10th.

If you come to the center bring all documents with you including your correspondence with FEMA, insurance policy, claims and documentation of damage. 

“Hopefully we can get some movement forward and see some life and this is part of life so we will take it one day at a time and we will overcome,” said Vossen.

The Recovery Assistance Center will be open at the Bay High School gymnasium:

Friday, December 7, from 11-7pm

Saturday, December 8, from 10-2pm

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