Oakland Terrace Elementary School Participates in the "Kiki Challenge".

PANAMA CITY Fla. - Students and faculty at Oakland Terrace Elementary participated in the 'kiki challenge.' It's a viral challenge where people sing and dance to Drake's popular new song "in my feelings".

About 50 people here at the school were involved with the project. It took about 2 weeks to organize, choreograph, film and edit the video. They changed the lyrics to make the song more school relatable. The staff hopes this will create a strong relationship with the students. Oakland Terrace Elementary School music teacher, Sasha Aufschneider said. "This helped us to create a community within out school and reach the kids on their level and do something their interested in."

School officials hope that this video project  will cause kids to enjoy schoolwork and lead to better test scores. Faculty and staff plan to share the video on social media and hope it goes viral and, there may be more in the future.

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