Numerous Locals Sold Fake Gold By Scammers


Since re-opening after Hurricane Michael one jewelry store has been encountering a serious fake gold issue.

For weeks, Tracy’s Fine Jewelry and Coin and Bullion Reserves said every day they have had five to ten customers wanting to sell the store gold, only problem they were complete fakes.  

The clients often gave a similar story on how they came to their purchase.

They came across a struggling man and woman usually accompanied by a crying child at gas stations or stores, pleading with people to purchase their gold chain or ring for money to get back home.

“It’s playing on someone’s sympathy. Which is really sad after this hurricane because everyone has a soft heart. They know that people are displaced, they need to get back home. They don’t have a home to live in so they need some extra money. So these people are caring about these homeless people and giving them money for fake gold,” said Tracy Miller, Coin and Bullion Reserves manager.

Tracy urged buyers to never make a purchase outside of certified jewelry stores and to try to ask sellers to confirm the authenticity of all gold purchases.

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