Sharp technology and sheer innovation are what’s needed for U.S. Navy sailors in combat.

That’s why the Naval Surface Warfare Center hosted its ‘Advanced Naval Technology Exercise’ in Panama City Beach Wednesday.

Sailors say the exercises are done in a low-risk environment to improve future systems.

“The purpose is to identify these capabilities that are near ready for transitions, so we can get them in the hands of our war fighters,” said NSWC-PCD Technical Director, Ed Stewart.

Some of these technologies include underwater mapping systems, mine warfare capabilities, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Commanding Officer Capt. Aaron Peters said the exercises are a means of trial and error.

“When you do events like this, you can see whether or not yes that will work, yes that won’t work; but it’s all about getting technology out to the war fighter – because what do we want to do? We want to expand the advantage,” said Peters.

Maj. General David Coffman from Washington, D.C. said the sailors in Panama City are vital to the transition. 

“I think the really brilliant people that we have working here at the center and all of our warfare centers are key to that,” said Coffman.

“We’re investing in the future of warfighting, and the future of America’s warfighting is going to keep America’s edge over our adversaries,” added Stewart.

The navy is hoping to host events like this at least once a year.

NSWC-PCD held this exercise in collaboration with their sister warfare center from Newport, Rhode Island.