The Dash Through the Past in Port St. Joe allowed people to see a glimpse of the area many years ago. 
For attendees- a journey back in time.
“We often think of places that are really historic and of national importance but a lot of local stuff is really important too, especially for the local community and how it can actually bring in tourism,” said Mike Thomin, Florida Public Archeology Network museum manager.

The Florida public archeology network has offices located all around the state. 
The Northwest Florida office held historical events all around the panhandle for the month of March and has been doing so for several years. 

“It’s a great way to get people out there, to show them what they have that’s of real important value,” said Thomin.

Each group received a map marked with historic locations within a two mile radius.
Along the way, they could fill out questions and compete in archeology challenges to win a prize at the end. 
“History does a couple of things, whether or not you’ve been here your whole life or you just moved recently, it grounds you, it gives you a sense of place and a sense of identity,” said Nicole Grinnan, Archeologist/ Florida Public Archeology Network. 

Taking a walk along history for not only an explanation, but an understanding. 

“To know that there were people walking this very same landscape that you were walking a thousand two thousand years ago, six thousand years ago,” said Grinnan. 

As the saying goes, the more you know about the past- the better you can prepare for the future.
The Florida Public Archeology Network’s Northwest Florida Office is located in Pensacola. 
Click here for more information about The Florida Archeology Network and a list of upcoming events.