President Donald Trump supporters filled the Bay County Fairgrounds for a Northwest Panhandle Tax Party on Saturday. Trump signs were posted and the American flag was flying high. About one hundred supporters filtered in throughout the day to discuss issues within America. 

“Communication I think is a big thing, and this was just our way of bringing together folks in real life, instead of on Facebook and Twitter, to talk about the issues,” said 20/20 Grassroots Liason Denise Ledbetter-Mintz.

“If we’re ever going to really put America first, we can’t be content with simply relying on politicians. It requires people getting involved and being part of the solution,” said Bay County Young Republican Tho Bishop.

Guest speaker Bruce Nathan made a special announcement, declaring his candidacy for the Republican party in the 2018 gubernatorial election. 

“I’m like your poor man’s Donald Trump. I live paycheck to paycheck as a physical therapist, but it’s all about making sure that people are gonna get what they need to get at the end of the day under the idea of being conservative, constitutionalist,” said Nathan. 

Nathan says he chose to announce his candidacy at the fairgrounds so he could speak eye to eye with the citizens. 

“I’m accessible to anybody and everybody all the time, and that’s the way a person going into an elected office should be,” said Nathan.

But the hot topic of the day was taxes, as citizens showed their support for Trump’s tax reform plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

“My position on taxes is to absolutely abolish the 16th Amendment, which is the IRS, which was really, really never ratified, and Florida itself never really sat at the table for ratification for the IRS,” said Nathan.

“We all need money back in our pockets. The government keeps taking the money, but they’re not spending it on the things that we’re asking them to spend it on. They’re managing it their own way, and I feel like it’s been mismanaged and it’s time for something different to happen,” said Ledbetter-Mintz.

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