Norriego Point Project Move into Phase II

Destin, Fla. - An iconic point in Destin's Harbor has been slowly eroding away but, not anymore. The multi-million dollar project expected to fix the problem. 

Right here at the mouth of the Destin Harbor, is a peninsula called Norriego Point. The next phase of the 10 million dollar project is the key component to how the City of Destin received this project.

"The importance of phase two is to provide an increase in recreational activities and opportunities for people to come and enjoy our beautiful natural resource," said Mayor Gary Jarvis, City of Destin.

Phase II includes recreation amenities such as the addition of paved parking, public restrooms, an ADA shelter, a boardwalk around the point with three dune walkovers and a bird habitat.

"To get the funding from NRTA to stabilize the point, the recreational component was key," shared Jarvis.

And a project of this magnitude does not come cheap. The total cost is around $10.2 million.

"Being a former commercial and charter boat fisherman and at the time, the president of the Charter Boat Association it was real important to us to have that point stabilization. We were having to do emergency dredging every spring," said Jarvis.

Phase one was the construction of the sea wall at the point and the dredging at the mouth of the harbor.
30% of the design plans will be brought to the council in late September. And the next 60% is expected to be ready November. 

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