PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Local tourism officials are beginning to gear up for the holiday season.

With travel trends at an all-time high in the area, there may be more than just snowbirds here for the holidays.

In Panama City Beach and South Walton, tourism development council leaders said they are working hard to keep the historic traveling trends going.

“We’ve just had such a successful year, and we’re hoping that next year it’s the same thing, the same turnout… Our visitors are very loyal, they love the destination and they continue to come back year after year,” Visit Panama City Beach Public Relations Manager Lacee Rudd said. “It is a year-round destination with events from spring to winter, so we’re hoping to ride this trend for the next year, as well.”

It’s important to advertise holiday events, state parks and adventure tourism during the colder months, according to Walton County Tourism Development Council Director of Administration Jason Cutshaw.

“Being able to highlight those kinds of activities during this cooler weather and better weather of the year, I think is gonna be an easy draw, even if it’s to draw in folks that are coming to stay two or three days during the weeks to get away from the hustle and bustle a little bit,” he said.

Cutshaw said snowbirds dominate the beach towns from fall to spring.

However, with historic, record-breaking numbers of visitors for the 2021 year, they expect the trends to continue— but not without advertising.

“There’s always a big focus on the fall, the winter and the early spring months, and not so much on the core of the season,” Cutshaw said. “Yes, we want to stay in front of people as a reminder, but the bigger effort is always happening in the fall.”

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