SOUTHPORT, Fla. (WMBB) — After surpassing their original goal of collecting 1,200 jars of peanut butter, local elementary school teachers, students and staff have aimed even higher for their 2021 Peanut Butter Drive.

Southport Elementary School families, and anyone else interested in helping out, have until the end of February to donate jars of peanut butter to the school.

Principal Todd Harless said any brand or size of jar is acceptable, with donations possible online as well by ordering jars through retailers like Amazon, Walmart or other websites.

Regardless of the way community members donate, Harless said to bring or send the jars to the school, located at 1835 Bridge St. in Southport.

Teachers and students explained the peanut butter will go to the “Backpack of Blessings” Ministry through First United Methodist in Panama City, which provides meals and resources for needy children.

The drive also lends itself to a friendly competition among the different classrooms, with the class that collects the most jars of peanut butter winning a cookie and pizza-filled prize.

As of Thursday morning, Harless said they had collected 1,755 after wrapping up their time with News 13, with a new goal to reach 2,100 jars.

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