BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– 40% of crashes that occur over the memorial day holiday are due to impaired driving. This past holiday weekend, Bay County’s DUI Wolfpack, comprised of 8 local agencies, were out in full force looking for impaired drivers.

The mission is personal for personal for Officer Robert “Bob” Moss who who began his law enforcement career back in 2010.

“I’ve also had to pull some dead bodies out of a car as a result of somebody who was drunk. I never want to do that again,” he said.

Moss said he still is haunted by a deadly crash that occurred on Highway 79 and Highway 98. A woman was waiting at a stoplight in her car and was plowed from behind by a truck. Moss said she died instantly, and the driver of the vehicle that killed the woman was intoxicated.

“She was coming home from Rosemary Beach that night. She had just gotten a new job and was newly engaged,” he said.

Since then he’s made it his mission to save more lives. In 2021, Moss had 76 DUI arrests, the most out of any other officer in Bay County. He’s also a certified DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) trained to spot someone who may be impaired by substances other than alcohol.

Moss said he often encounters impaired drivers when they are speeding or when people crash into things.

On Saturday night a woman and her husband were involved in a fender bender by the Seahaven Motel.

Moss conducted a field sobriety tests by examining the woman’s eyes for a sudden jerk, making her perform the heel to toe walking test, and the one-leg stand.

The woman blew a .183, 2 times over the legal limit. Officer Moss arrested the woman and charged her with driving under the influence. Ultimately, he was glad the crash was not worse.

“She easily could’ve hit a pedestrian and that would’ve been a different story,” he said.

Moss said many of his DUI arrests have one thing in common.

“I truly believe the people that I arrest for DUIs are good people, they just made a bad decision, and don’t realize how that bad decision can affect themselves or someone else permanently,” he said.

He hopes it’s a choice those he arrests won’t make again.

“I hope that I have made a difference and they have been able to learn,” he said.