PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A local trilingual school is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month in a big way.

The Panama City Trilingual School, which teaches kids both Spanish and Chinese, plan to host their annual Hispanic Heritage Festival at the end of the heritage month.

The event will feature celebrations of Hispanic food, dance and music.

Teachers at the school said they are thrilled to see the students get excited to celebrate their heritage.

“I’m so excited because they get to practice their Spanish… They’re going to have oral presentations. It’s going to be in the English and Spanish, as well, so the parents can understand what they’re saying,” Jennifer Singletary, a teacher at the school, said. “I see how they’re actually learning the culture part, which is very important to embrace that.”

The festival will be held on Friday, October 15 at the school on Beach Drive.

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