Incorporating vines into outdoor spaces with the HomeDabbler

News 13 This Morning

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — As the weather warms up, many Panhandle residents may be finding yard work projects and home improvement lists growing to prepare their living spaces for the summer months, including adding something new to their landscape or garden.

Kevin Elliott, also known as The HomeDabbler for News 13 This Morning, called into the show to highlight three ways to include vines in outdoor areas.

Elliott discussed using vines for their greenery and looks, as well as their ability to provide shade and coolness to spots usually absorbing a lot of sunlight and heat.

However, some vines can be dangerous or toxic for household pets and children, such as clematis, chalice and woodbine vines. The HomeDabbler advised anyone looking to plant a vine to research their types thoroughly before making a final decision.

Watch the segment from News 13 This Morning to learn more.

As a former home improvement professional who owned his own business for 10 years, Elliott is an expert with do-it-yourself projects around your home or money-saving tips.

Find out more on all things home improvement on the HomeDabbler Blog.

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