PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)– Friday is a special holiday for those in the world of aviation.

It’s also one of the fastest-growing job fields and a popular program at Haney Technical College.

This holiday began back in 1939, in honor of one of the Wright Brothers’, Orville’s birthday. Although National Aviation Day is recognized one day a year, it’s everyday for those at Haney Technical College as they work to educate and train aviation mechanics of the future.

Haney Technical College welcomed News 13 This Morning to discuss the aviation programs the school offers as part of National Aviation Day.

The college is now offering a dual-enrollment course to students at Rutherford High School, this enables them to get college credits while still in high school.

“This is a great way to curb costs as students can take this course for free through Bay District Schools, and they would also eventually be a candidate for scholarships at the college,” said Haney Technical College Aviation Instructor, Chris Becker.

The course is a pre-requisite and centers around introductory elements of aviation mechanics.

Though fall registration has passed, Haney will start looking for Spring students in December. To learn more about the college click here.

Officials with Haney say there is a growing need for people in the aviation career field, and enrollment numbers for the college are at an all-time high since Hurricane Michael.

Watch the video from our newscast to learn more about the programs offered at Haney Technical College.