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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — When the warmer weather returns, so do the mosquitoes and yellow flies many Panhandle residents know all too well.

According to Beach Mosquito Control District, inexpensive traps, bug sprays and other materials can be used to keep the pests away.

One of those inexpensive traps can be made using a beach ball, black paint, Tangle Trap Sticky coating and string or rope and fastener to hang the ball.

Cindy Mulla with Beach Mosquito Control district noted these traps need to placed a safe distance away from residences to make sure the yellow flies do not fly indoors or get too close to a home.

Mulla also said they encourage Panhandle residents to drain any standing water near their homes, including from coolers, tarps, toys and outdoor spaces.

For anyone who uses bug spray, it can be applied to one’s skin and face, but should be sprayed onto hands then patted on softly to the cheeks and forehead area. It can also be sprayed on hats to keep bugs away from the face.

Watch the segment above for more information on keeping mosquitoes and yellow flies away this summer.

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