BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– With Labor Day and the college football season starting up, you may want to fire up the grill to mark the occasion.

According to, there are 8,900 grill fires  annually nationwide at U.S. homes, leading to an average of $110 million in damage to property. In addition, grill fires are responsible for about 160 injuries—and 10 fatalities—every year.

News 13 this Morning joined Bay County Fire Rescue as they offered grilling safety tips ensuring you and your family do not become a tragic statistic.

Captain Gabe Moschella recommends you grill a good distance away from grass or a flammable structure, wear tight clothing and no loose jewelry. He said to also keep pets and kids away from the grill. He also said to not grill on a balcony setting.

“Be sure to inspect your grill before use as well to ensure there were no propane leaks. Also, once you’re done grilling, be sure to remove build up and grease in the trays under the grill as well as on the grill itself as this can also be cause for a fire,” he said.

Unfortunately, Capt. Moschella said grill fires are a common call his teams respond too and he wants to ensure no family has to undergo a tragic, preventable fire.

Watch the video above for more grilling safety tips.