Newks And Pet Supermarket Are Open For Biz


Now that we are four-plus months after the storm. We are slowly getting back to a resemblance of what things looked like per-Hurricane Michael.

Hitting our favorite shops and eating at our favorite restaurants is a big part of that.

As you drive around town you may be slowly noticing businesses opening back up that may have been closed due to the storm or some that are returning to normal business hours.

Fans of Newks in Panama City are happy to hear not only are they open but they are back to normal hours and a full menu.

One of the biggest challenges management faced in getting back to where they were before the storm was staffing. General Manager Victoria Hernandez said they were concerned about the safety of their employees.

Victoria said, “we had almost all of our staff come back which was great but when they came back they were all kind of spread out some Destin some Fort Walton the beach and some of them actually depend on bicycles to get around I am riding that far they needed to get off earlier so they could be home before it got too dark to be riding on bicycle safely”.

She went on to say, Newks is open from 10:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Another business recently opening back up, but in a new temporary location is Pet Supermarket.

Their building was completely destroyed in the storm, but they have now relocated to the Panama City Square which is the same shopping center as the Walmart on 23rd street.

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